File preparation

how to prepare your files for a mixdown



1. Name each track simple but effective, for example:

  • • "RTM-GTR-L_DI.wav"
  • • "KICKDRM.wav"
  • • "LEADVOX.wav"

DO NOT include the song title in the filenames


2. File format for audio tracks:

  • • Mono
  • • 24 bit (bit depth)
  • • 44,1 kHz (sample rate)
  • • WAV (preferred) or AIF

ask if you have different formats!


3. Stereo tracks only for:

  • • Synths
  • • Pianos
  • • Stereo drum overheads/rooms/fx tracks
  • • or similar (where it makes sense)


4. Only consolidated audio files, exported from the very beginning of the corresponding project.

5. A standard midi file for each song, containing ALL midi information incl. tempotrack (mastertrack) and marker track.

6. In case of fixed song speed, mention the BPM and signature.

7. Include a stereo roughmix for each title. mp3 will do.


When you export files, set the corresponding channel fader to 0dB, bypass all serial fx, set the channel to solo. In case you export a mono track from a stereo file, turn down the fader by -3dB to prevent clipping. Once all exports are complete, import everything into a blank project to check everything for clipping, missing files, empty tracks etc. This ensures you won't send over empty or corrupted files.



  • • Clean DI tracks are preferred for reamping purposes.
  • • Include the rendered amp-sound versions that you have used so far.
  • • In case you can deliver really good high quality sounds (AxeFX, KPA, top notch tube amp track), they may work as-is.



  • • Clean DI tracks are standard



  • • just send all the single you have, all single tracks.
  • • in case you use midi drums, include the MIDI track. Also include a rendered stereo audio file “drums solo” made with your sounds.



  • • mono
  • • EQ flat
  • • no fx/limiters/whatever



  • • 1 stereo track/sound. If you have a high amount of tracks, submix stems are helpful.



  • • Please do not send any tracks or pieces that are not needed for the mix!
  • • Do not forget to compress all audio using WINRAR (PC) or ZIP (Mac) prior to the upload.
  • • Therefor copy all audio into a folder, then finally compress and upload the entire archive.
  • • You will be supplied with ftp login data, so you can upload directly to the SPACELAB ftp server. Or use WeTransfer.
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