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Professional Audio Mixing Service


SPACELAB offers re-amping, mixing and mastering for your songs whether they were recorded in your home studio or at a professional facility, whether you are amateur, semi-pro or professional. The offer is especially aimed at bands from the styles rock, metal, prog or punk who need a fat sound for their tracks. Easy and uncomplicated. Please check the references for sound examples.

In addition, you can produce perfect vocals or perform other recordings here.







Mixing and mastering of the forthcoming album "Seduction" of the Belgian female fronted symphonic metal band "NIGHTQUEEN" are finished. Release in late May via El Puerto Records!

About us

Christian “Moschus” Moos

Has been working as a pro for over 20 years, is a musician and has produced and mixed 140+ albums for many bands, such as Delain, Haken, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody or the german Betontod.

Besides current software, each mix basically involves a collection of excellent analog tools, e.g. UREI 1178, SSL Bus Compressor, Klark Teknik and various SPL devices. Also Lexicon PCM80 and a Kemper profiling amp are in use.

Music is my passion,

so I made it my profession.

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in detail



Mix of your songs based on the delivered files. Normally these are all individual tracks, whereby basically all tracks should be without effects. Ideal are not only real acoustic drum tracks but also clean DI guitars and basses. How to prepare everything for a mix can be found here: FILE-PREPARATION 

Analogue summing. High-End 19-inch outboard.



Usually, a mix includes both the sound enhancement of acoustic drum tracks using sound replacing - if the original sounds should be improved. Midi drums are processed using Slate SSD4 Platinum. Vocal tracks can be reworked with respect to timing and intonation via Melodyne.


Vocal recording

Many bands have problems recording perfect vocal tracks because they lack the necessary equipment. Solo artists and singer songwriters can track vocals or smaller acoustic instruments right here at the SPACELAB mix suite, with excellent equipment. For example vocals per tube microphone ELA M 251 E (Clone), followed by Glockenklang Bugatti Class A MicPre, original UREI 1178 Peak Limiter and SPL De-Esser.



Normally, all guitars or basses are re-amped using a digital Kemper profiling amp (digital top notch technology). By using this device it is also possible to record electric guitars here at the mix suite. In theory,  re-ampings with real tube amps are possible, but only in our external large recording studio, which incurs additional costs. The following amps are available there:  Engl Road Top 50W, Mesa Dual Rectifier, Steavens Poundcake 100W.


Digital drum recording or analogue live studio recordings

At  our recording studio in 41748 Viersen (Germany) you have the possibility to record. Especially drum recording is often relocated to a professional studio for quality reasons, even if a band records all the other instruments themselves. However, what sets us apart from most other studios, in addition to the analog Harrison C 4032 console (1978), is the presence of a full-featured analogue 24-track 2-inch machine, an Ampex MM1200 (1979).

Especially bands that play stoner rock, blues or retro rock (AC-DC, Black Crowes…) and who insist on recording their basic tracks live at a studio (dr, bs, rhy gtrs), will have a great time there:)

Producing analogue is extremely fun, because it differs completely from digital production within a DAW. You must work “ears-only”. Decisions must be made in realtime!

Only capable musicians can do that.

If you are interested, just ask what is possible!

Audio tape digitization

(Only professional 2 inch master tapes)

If you want to digitize old 2-inch master tapes from your archive, no problem. These must be 16- or 24-track tapes running at 15 or 30 ips. We also take care of the necessary "tape baking". SPACELAB has already digitized 40-year-old tapes (including GROBSCHNITT “Solar Music”, or Dan Swanö's archive tapes). Our 2-inch machine has been retrofitted with ball-bearing rolling guides, allowing old tapes to be played very gently. In 2015, the machine was overhauled (re-capped).


Here you can listen to 2 audio files with snippets:

Mix-Medley “heavy”

Mix-Medley “dynamic”

In our former recording and production studio (Spacelab Studio) since 1998 over 140 albums of all possible bands were produced. Most of them were completely produced by us, some just re-amped and mixed, for others we only did recordings.

Amongst the most well-known acts, who have booked the SPACELAB several times, is the Dutch female fronted metal band  DELAIN. In addition to various album recordings for their early albums, all live tracks from all Delain bonus CDs up to and including "The Human Contradiction" have been mixed here to date.

The first two albums of the well-known British Prog Rockers "HAKEN" ("Aquarius" 2010 and "Visions" 2011) also got the final touch here, just like their video on the ProgPower USA 2011 DVD.

German rock or punk bands like BETONTOD, BRDigung or MASSENDEFEKT have produced many of their albums at SPACELAB.

2016 Luca Turilli hired SPACELAB to mix more than 30 live songs, recorded during the  last LT´s RHAPSODY tour, and also the world famous Dutch death metal band PESTILENCE produced their last 2 albums at SPACELAB Studio. And not to forget german guitar wizard Dennis Hormes! 

Since 2018, today's SPACELAB MIXING SERVICE has mostly been mixing material that bands have previously recorded at their own studios.


Please understand these numbers as rough information, because without previous file-check no "concrete offers" can be made.

Customers from EU countries pay additional 19% VAT.

Mixdown single song


about € 200,-

Since a single song always does most of the work, it is more expensive.

Mixdown EP


about € 700,-

Some  20 minutes of material, 4 songs.

Mixdown album


about € 1.700,-

Some 50 minutes of material, 10 songs.

Vocal recording


1h: € 40,-

Daily rate (8h) is € 300, -

Shortest booking is 3 hours.

Guitar recording


1h: € 40,-

Daily rate (8h) is € 300, -

Shortest booking is 3 hours.

Studio live recording


8h: € 400,-

One day at the recording studio. Only valid for analogue live-recording.

Tape transfer


€ 130,-

Digitization of ONE 2-inch tape. Each additional tape costs another € 80, -

Fine print:

The cost of a mix depends on the time required. Mixing usually includes re-amping of clean DI-guitars and basses. Acoustic drums are spiced up using samples, and if you deliver midi drum tracks, I use Slate SSD4 Platinum and a bunch of custom samples. Vocal tracks can be reworked with Melodyne. If you manage to deliver excellent drum recordings and superbly sounding guitar tracks, a mix may turn out faster and cheaper.

All files are exchanged online. For example via WeTransfer or via the SPACELAB ftp server. How your files should be prepared in detail is described here: *FILE-PREPARATION*

Mixes are provided for you to check ONLY as 320kB mp3 files. If all mixes are approved by you, the delivery of the final files (uncompressed wav files) takes place at the moment when the financial part is 100% settled.

A simple mastering (16 bit audio, without DDP disc image) is always included.

You get the mixes as "unmastered" stereo wav file in 2444 (full mix). In addition, the said “inclusive master” as stereo wav in 1644. "Stems" are only available by arrangement, the additional time required for it will be charged by hourly rate.

Mastering for release on physical sound carrier (including DDP disc image) is available by appointment. I can also organize a high end mastering at highly specialized mastering professionals. You have to reckon with additional costs from about € 50, - for a single title. Keep your hands off "incomprehensible cheap" providers or "AI-based mastering”.

The check of your files is free and without obligation.

As long as the time required remains within limits, the test mix of a short song snippet is also negotiable.


(Email preferred)

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